Top 5 SunVoss' picks for your dream summer destination

von CB - Gurus Collaborator

Top 5 SunVoss' Picks for Your Dream Summer Destination

Summer isn’t over until you say it is! If you can’t get enough of the sun, there are places in the world where they generally have fair weather throughout the year. Ready to extend the season? Think of hitting these places!

Bali, Indonesia

Despite its fame, much of its natural beauty remains untouched. You can find lots of villas and hotels nestled in the midst, even incorporated into the design. Whether you’re a beach lover or prefer the green of the mountains, there’s always a perfect spot for you for very minimal cost.


Our advice: Watch out for the monkeys when you go see the temples and book a driver ahead through an agency if you don’t want to haggle with cabs. Uber doesn’t operate there.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is a lesser-explored spot among this group of islands but gives you the same beauty Hawaii is known for. You’ll be kept busy here, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, surfing and more. We haven’t even started on the food!


Our advice: Yes, it’s pricey but well worth it. Get a ride on a budget airline since it’s not too far from home, so the travel isn’t very long.

Europe, the place for romantics and old souls! We’d gush about it all day, given the chance. If you want a great mix of history, culture, scrumptious and exotic dishes, beautiful landscapes and great beaches, head for Crete. Sounds too good to be true? That’s why we recommend it!


Our advice: Choose local. Your stay will be more authentic and more friendly on the budget because they grow their own food, including wine. The same goes for accommodations.

Coron, Philippines

When you want pristine seas, virgin nature in an exotic location at the lowest price, fly to Coron, Palawan in the Philippines. Go island hopping, and snorkel at Coral Eden and the Twin Peaks. Be greeted by beautiful schools of fishes you only see in books or on screen.


Our advice: Don’t worry about the long travel. You’ll love the view. Did you know their water sparkles from afar? That’s how they earned the moniker, “Pearl of the Orient.”

If money is not an option, Cocoa Island is a private island resort located by one of the world’s best diving spots. It’s so exclusive, there are only 33 suites sharing the whole island. It’s built for those who love the ocean so you can jump into the water from your terrace.


Our advice: Have the money? Then what are you waiting for!


Always double check your travel list when going on a vacation. We all love the sun but too much exposure damages our skin and eyes. Keep yourself cool with a hat, quality sunglasses, reef-safe sunscreen and a reusable bottle of water.