Where Do You Get Spring's Hottest Looks? In Your Closet!

Buying is the style novice’s go-to method to stay chic but who can blame them? It can be easy to get caught up in the little details and think we’d need to buy them to remain fashion-relevant. Seeing models walk down that runway in the season's latest fashion, the displays in store windows, and the images on billboards can do this to you.


The trick is to step back to capture the essence behind these designs. With designers taking inspiration from years back, it’s not that hard to look for them. Guess where you can start. Where else but your own closet. Here are the best and the latest must-haves for Spring 2019.


Color, color, color!

Yellows, oranges, red, blues, rich, pastel, bright, light, you name it.


How short can your shorts go? Super short!
Yep, it’s accepted now for men to show off those thighs. They’re even better when in print! Have great pairs that aren’t the right length? Get them cut and tailored! Speaking of which…


Tailored suits.
While off the rack is still a widely embraced choice, custom made has comeback in a big way. Fashion houses in the industry’s world capitals helped this trend quickly garner attention.


Pair that suit with your bare chest.
No need to worry about which undershirt would look best. You can even leave your blazer unbuttoned and flaunt your entire torso.

Dad jeans.
Maybe you’d need to rummage in someone else’s closet for these. Ahem, your dad’s, ahem. Yes, the pants you’ve been telling your dad to get rid of are now in. It does pay to listen to your parents about how you dress.
Whatever your OOTD, never forget to accessorize for a complete look. This sun-and-bright-skies weather is an open invitation to show off your best eye candy. Match it with a great haircut, the right watch and shoes, and confidence, you’re ready to take on the day.