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Which SunVoss Sunnies Matches You?
Sunglasses have seen a number of reinventions in the past few decades, like the Shutter shades, which first appeared in the 80s. Like many, they were big hits but didn’t retain loyalty, relying on hype. While we’ve created our own take to be more fun and usable, there more for the future-focused. For a style that goes beyond time periods, these are what you should have in your toolbox:
Round Frame

Having been around for as long as glasses have, many speculate they were the first concept. They appear in many old art depicting scholars and rulers of their times. Round frames have always managed to stay but there was a time when they were considered unfashionable and were made fun of. Now, it’s one of the hottest vintage comeback of the decade!


These iconic shades ooze confidence, and it’s well-earned because this model of sunglasses held such a huge role in history. In the 1930s, the military issued a company to develop ones that helped pilots stay up in the air longer without suffering eye strain from the sun’s rays. After several ergonomic tests, the aviators were born.


The Aviators’ slightly younger brother, this design was first launched in the 1950s. Wayfarers instantly became a pop culture favorite, particularly after it was worn by James Dean in one of his movies. Unlike the aviators, wayfarers have thicker and flatter frames with slightly narrower lenses. They’re normally composed of plastic, making them lighter.

Club master

It got its name after its structure, which is thicker on top and usually has a different color than the bottom, emphasizing a person’s brows. More popularly known as the "Club master", these fell out of fashion in the 70s, came back in the 80s, and again today. They’re best for faces that are round, oval and rectangular.

Wrap Around

Aviators have proven to be stylish and functional, effectively aiding pilots during flight and protecting their eyes from the harsh sunlight. For more active lifestyles, frames need to have more grip and support. Wrap around sunglasses are like aviators but literally wrap around the wearer’s head to avoid getting knocked off the ears and falling. They’re were invented only recently, in the 90s, and are common among athletes.


We won’t be surprised if their popularity subsides in the coming years as trends shift but the great thing about these is you know they’ll be back in vogue in the future. They can even make great heirlooms, both fashionable and practical for generations to come.


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