The Brand

Who are we?

Sunvoss is a company based in the United States that started back in 2015, when a crew of indie clothing/accessories designers got together and realized that it would be too expensive to find the perfect branded glasses for each outfit minded.

From scratch to our own movement.

With an eye over subcultures and urban tribes we were able to observe that everyone around us changes their outfit almost in full every day. And if you were also to change your branded glasses to match your outfit it would be almost impossible to get ends meets and look Different and Great every day.
We also find it difficult to make our own indie fashion showcase and that is why we started to draft our own styled glasses.
A few years later we found ourselves with a large collection of stylish glasses willing to share all of them with you. 
Our mojo: There’s no need to pay for expensive brands to look different and cool every time!
With this in mind we started our own movement “SunVoss - No Rules
Because we think fashion and style is not about rules and we love to go wild about it.
Join the COMMUNITY live by No rules other than YOURS.
Yours faithfully,
SunVoss No Rules Team!